Drain Pro

Nasty odors, backups, and or corrosion?

Key Benefits

Drain Pro 1x and DrainPro 10x, contain a broad spectrum of microorganisms selected specifically to break down the organic matter, such as: fats, oils, grease, starches, proteins and other substrates that can accumulate in drains, grease traps, septic tanks, pipes and lift stations.  These products work quickly to break down the organic material while helping eliminate odors and improve system performance.

Improves Operation:

  • Harmless to plumbing
  • Keeps drain lines flowing at full capacity
  • Reduces grease overflow
  • Reduces odorsDecreases Costs
  • Extends the time between grease tap clean out
  • Reduces the need for septic tan pumping
  • Reduces the need for line jetting
  • Prolongs the life of the pipes

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