USA made Pro2 - Cleaner Water - Healthier Plants

High Performance

  • The PrO2  delivers pure oxygen (and other gasses) into a diverse number of waste, process and irrigation water environments in a truly dissolved molecular state.
  • Molecular oxygen provides exponentially more surface area for microbial interaction.
  • Molecular oxygen is extremely stable: no off-gassing.
  • Environmentally friendly augmentation of nature's water cleaning process

High Efficiency

  • Small footprint-size of household refrigerator
  • Mobile access and control
  • A single machine can treat several zones with unique DO2 demands.
  • Trailer units allow for treatment at multiple sites

Low Cost

  • Per pound of dissolved oxygen/kwh
  • Low maintenance costs throughout service life

Exceptional Results

Waste and process water:

  • Effective treatment/reduction of BOD, COD, Nitrites/Nitrates, Ammonia, Phosphorous and TSS .
  • Increase wastewater throughput
  • Reduce high pH (CO2 application) 


  • Improve plant health with oxygen rich environment in and around the plant rhizosphere.
  • Reduce nutrient usage due to better root uptake.
  • Reduce biofilm/solids build up in pipes.
  • Increase fruiting and flowering

Primary Applications

Wastewater/ Process Water

  • Wastewater Treatment-municipal/industrial
  • Livestock Raw Sewage Lagoon Remediation
  • Stormwater Retention Pond Aeration
  • Lake/Reservoir Restoration
  • Landfill Leachate Remediation
  • Odor Management


  • Hydroponics
  • Aquaponics
  • Drip System
  • EQ Tank
  • Irrigation Charge Tank
  • Compost Acceleration